Once Upon a Seed


Main Plot

Top/Mid Left: pumpkins. Top Right: pole green beans. Mid Left: watermelon. Mid Bottom: bell peppers. Bottom Right: Yellow crook neck squash.

My veggie garden blog starts similar to a vegetable seed.  Today I planted my seed in rich, viable soil (WordPress blog) and now with careful attention I will tend to it and watch it grow.  Hopefully I can cultivate it to the point of producing delicious, nutritious blog entries which will motivate, inspire and educate fellow novice gardeners to produce their own backyard bounties.  I write to you about 5 weeks in to my first vegetable garden endeavor.  I have been so excited about what the last month has brought that I just had to spread the news.

FYI: All my seeds are planted directly in the ground.  I understand that this is a luxury of my place on the globe, but I’m performing tests of seed starting other ways.  More on that later.  The following is a list of what I have planted thus far:

Late June:

  1. Pumpkin (seed) – I was so “green” at this point that I didn’t write down the type of pumpkin and can’t recall.
  2. Watermelon (seed) – ditto above
  3. Cucumber (seed) – These did not germinate.  Not a one.

Mid July:

  1. 2 bell peppers – 1 red, 1 yellow.  (plant)
  2. 6 pack of yellow crookneck squash
  3. 6 pack of pole green beans
  4. 2 bush cherry tomato (plant).  Boy did I get these in JUST in time!  They say July 15 is the last plating date for procrastinators.

August 18:

  1. Spinach – Organic Bloomsdale long standing (seed)
  2. Carrot- Red Cored Chantenay (seed)
  3. Beet – Detroit Dark Red, Morse’s Strain (seed)

Since I’m new at this, I like to intermingle plants and seeds to see what works best for different veggies.  Important note: Keep track of the exact plan of your garden, including plant location and description (lesson learned on that one!) to help you in following seasons with what you liked/disliked and the success or lack there of of certain crops.  I don’t want to be wracking my brain in the seed isle next spring thinking, “which kind of beet did I have last year that was so yummy?”


4 thoughts on “Once Upon a Seed

  1. I like the idea of planting a garden too and was thinking about herbs. I live is southern Cali with some of the best weather and would love to take advantage of it. I have a small backyard and have been inspired. I plan on making your bread as soon as I get back home with my hubby and kids (I am currently away due to US Navy responsibilities).

  2. I am sure that Aaron’s grandmother, Dessie, would love your website, for she loved flowers, gardens, and growing plants of all sorts. Diane is growing lettuce, aloe vera, and all sorts of flowers on our town house balcony in Woodbridge, Virginia. You certainly have a green thumb and love digging in the soil that God gave us to produce the many wonderful plants that give so much beauty and nutrition. Keep up the good work that you so enjoy.

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