Scar your Pumpkin…It Doesn’t Hurt.

"Squash mean people. Plant a peace pumpkin!" (Thanks Aunt Leslie)

After some research on pumpkin growing (because boy were the vines getting big and intimidating!), I came across a pumpkin patch on youtube  that showed pumpkin scarring, or pumpkin tattoos.  It’s the process of making a shallow engraving of a word, symbol, even a company’s logo onto a young, green pumpkin.  The recommended size of pumpkin for engraving is about the size of a coffee cup.  The carving should only be able 1/8″ deep to preserve the integrity of the fruit.  After a few weeks a scar will begin to form over the carving, just as it does on human skin.  When I performed the scarring technique on my pumpkins, a thin, clear sap immediately oozed out and can be difficult to wash off.  Do what I didn’t do and put on some gloves first.  I tried an old can opener tip and found it to not be exact enough.  Then I went with a short, sharp kitchen knife and was happier with the results.  The scarring should take place sometime around the first of August.  I’m looking forward to this unique way to “carve” my pumpkins this year from my first ever patch.  🙂

Here's a traditional version of pumpkin carving translated to the scarring method.

I'm excited about the "Spooky" pumpkin. I found that writing words was the easiest thing to scar.

I just HAD to do a Charger Bolt for my die-hard Charger fan husband. I've never seen him more interested in pumpkins!

I will definitely update you with more photos sometime in September when the scarring process is more complete.

Here’s some more fun ideas I came across:

  • Your favorite sports team name or logo
  • Names
  • “Welcome”
  • Halloween words like “Ghoul”, “Ghost”, “Goblin”, “Boo”.
  • Symbols such as a heart or ying/yang.
  • Spider, ghost…be creative!

These could also make great gifts.  


2 thoughts on “Scar your Pumpkin…It Doesn’t Hurt.

  1. FANTASTIC!!!! I love this, Jessica! I will be a devoted follower 🙂 I have had some hits and misses in my little raised garden bed, so I’m a novice right along with you – I have lots to learn! Photos are beautiful…..Love, (Aunt) Leslie xo

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