My First Harvest

This morning I realize that there is quite the harvest to be had!  Before I’m able to pick my veggies, I realize that something is eating my pole green bean vines.  I can easily see a large, green grasshopper on the vine.  I’m not so great with bugs and insects, but for the sake of my veggies, I know I have to suck it up!  I trapped him in a plastic container and hopefully saved my green beans.  He was primarily eating the leaves, but I did notice a few baby beans that were half-eaten.  I read that they also like onions and snap peas.  Watch out for them!

I’m thinking I’d like to get a small scale to weigh my veggie production.  I love numbers (except in math class) and would love to keep track of a tangible output from my 68 square foot garden.  (Mental note)

7 yellow crookneck squash and 4 figs. For some reason the figs are small and dried out. Any thoughts on that? I'm thinking maybe not enough water. My first harvest in late spring was just perfect.

"Hon, we're having green beans with dinner tonight!"

I’m bursting with excitement over my harvest!  It makes all those bug strolls and scheduled waterings all well worth while.  I did realize that I probably waited a bit too long to harvest the beans.  I read that depending on the variety, they should be anywhere from 4″-7″ long.  These are beyond that and on some the beans have really swelled inside.  The bigger they get, the more tough and stringy they taste.  You know when they’re ready when the beans haven’t yet swelled and the skin is still soft and supple.  I’ll get the hang of it!


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