Veggie Garden Happenings

I see you!

I’ve seen this rabbit munching on my grass the past few days in broad daylight and I can only assume that this is the same booboo  who ate all of my seedlings last week.  Each time I see him I chase him away and see where he escapes out of my yard under the fence to a neighbor’s yard.  Each time I do this, I block that small hole under the fence with a brick, rock, etc.  I’m hoping that by process of elimination I will be able to seal up all of his entrance points.  Fingers crossed!

My cat has NO CLUE that there's a rabbit in the yard. Not the biggest hunter instincts in this one. (The rabbit is in the top right of the picture in the shade of the grass.)

Other goings on in the garden as of late:

My pole green bean plants are still amazing! Still growing like weeds and continually producing heavy harvests. We have enough green beans each week for our family of 3 with these 6 plants. The more often you pick 'em, the more you'll get.

I have one yellow and one red bell pepper plant. The color will not show itself until the very end of ripening. Wish I had more bells per plant because I started out with lots of blooms, but alas only about 2 or 3 per plant. Not too bad for my first time.

My lemon cucumber has taken off like a weed and just recently began flowering these sweet little guys. I planted this one late, as I just stumbled upon it at my favorite local nursery about a month ago and had to have it. I'm so looking forward to round yellow cucumbers!


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