Fall Pumpkin Harvest

The pumpkin collage just after today's harvest.

This year’s pumpkin patch yielded 13 pumpkins!  I planted about 15 seeds in very early July.  Seen as though this is my first time growing pumpkins, I must say I’m tickled orange!  Granted, they didn’t turn out as large as I may have hoped, but bigger isn’t always better.  I love their character, primarily thanks to the pumpkin scarring that I performed in late August.  In addition to the ones pictured above, there are still  other green pumpkins that were late bloomers and still have healthy, green vines.  The pumpkins harvested today all had brown vines.  So, I decided it was time to harvest.  The ones that are still greenish can be set in a sheltered, warm and sunny area to complete the oranging process.

The SD Chargers bolt pumpkin turned out to be the smallest of the harvest. I can't help but think that it's a sign of a not-so-great season for the Chargers?? Hmmmm....

One of my favorites!

The pumpkins are posing in front of the yellow crookneck squash plants still hanging on, 2 cherry tomatoes to the right and pole beans in the back.

Although pumpkins take quite a bit of garden space even when pruned, and take a minimum of 90 days from seed to harvest, I’d say they are well worth the sacrifice.  I’ll be proud to display them on the front porch.


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