Urban Homesteading

For years my mom tried and tried to teach me how to cook and bake.  On the occasions when I would agree to lend a hand, my interest quickly waned.  Looking back now, I suppose I lacked motivation.  Even up until a year ago, cooking was a bit of a chore, feeling low on inspiration and knowledge.  As my daughter has gotten a little older (now 3), and I’ve been fortunate enough to be a stay-at-home mom, I’ve had more time to devote to experimenting in the kitchen.  Something has clicked in me.  Maybe it was after I realized that I really could make a mean steak and chocolate pecan pie.  The reaction from my friends, family and primarily my husband has supplied me with plenty of motivation.  Most anyone can follow a recipe, right?  And now I’m just starting to delve into creating my own dishes, which is something I could have never dreamed of.  I feel a certain peace and comfort in providing my family with delicious meals, now with the help of organic vegetables and eggs (hopefully soon!) from our very backyard.

I read an article called, “Are you an Urban Homesteader” in a fabulous blog called Kitchenreport.  It’s written by a woman living in Boston who talks all things food, cooking and travel.  This article struck a chord with me.  Growing my own food reminds me of many years ago when it was the norm, rather than the exception, for families to grow food from seed in their backyard and collected morning eggs from the hen house.  In the big city suburbs where I live today, I enjoy being a unique trendsetter in my neighborhood of lush, grassy Mediterranean landscaping that gives zero back.  I’ve read that urban homesteading is on the rise and I’m proud to be associated with the movement.

Can those of us who enjoy elements of city life AND country life really have it all?  I’ve realized over the process of converting part of my backyard to house a chicken coop and vegetable garden that part of me is a country girl.  I’m born and raised in the county where I live now (San Diego).  Never been camping.  Never milked a cow.  Part of me enjoys the activity and excitement of a city and another part loves the self-sufficiency and peace from having my own veggies/fruits and eggs.  I guess you can have it all!


3 thoughts on “Urban Homesteading

    • The chickens are a big hit and they haven’t even started laying yet! 🙂 Your article inspired me to do my own little take. Thanks. 🙂 My husband and I are actually visiting Boston for the very first time in 2 weeks for food, sights and fall colors. Any food recommendations? Would love to know!

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