Fall Garden

The yellow crookneck squash is still hanging on!

Heirloom tomato "Stupice" getting ready to ripen already!

Stupice is a prolific grower. So glad I have 4 of them.

The sugar snap peas are starting to really take off.

My first lettuce! This is a second planting after the first set was mowed by a bunny.

The lemon cucumber is VERY happy. I had to prune the main shoot to control it's height. There are so many baby cucumbers for one plant.

Baby lemon cucumber

The cherry tomatoes are still producing well.

After the first wave of green beans, these vines had a growth spurt and I'm expecting another large crop.

The bells should be turning orange and yellow pretty soon!

The majority of the pumpkins are harvested, which gave way for new planting. Yesterday I sowed Detroit Red beets, cosmic purple carrots and all season romaine.

A late bloomer pumpkin finishing up.

Here we have beets, carrots, cabbage and spinach. The spinach sure is taking it's sweet time.

The nasturtiums are popping up with the cooler weather. Great on salads!


2 thoughts on “Fall Garden

  1. I am so envious…..everything looks so wonderful! Good job Jess!!!! Our summer is over but I so enjoyed going to the Farmer’s Market all summer long. Everything lasts so-o-o-o long, especially with my Brawny Produce Protector Reusable Bags. Do you use them? Have fun on your upcoming trip to visit your Dad’s family. My sister’s birthday was today, she would have been 54, I miss her but in honor of her Birthday, I baked. She loved to cook. I made cookies, 4 different kinds of cookies. Loved all of your pics.

    • Hi Kathy-I’ve never come across the reusable bags. I’m going to keep my eye out for them now! I think it was a wonderful idea to bake on your sister’s birthday. Very heartfelt.

      I hear you’re coming to SD this month. Maybe we’ll be able to see you! Thanks so much for the support of my blog. 🙂

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