The King Kong of Hornworms

The. Biggest. Hornworm. Ever.

This morning as I was harvesting some cherry tomatoes and green beans, I decided to walk behind the veggies to get a better reach on the beans.  I immediately noticed huge hornworm poo on my cherry tomato.  I saw this monster right away.  Thankfully my daughter was not with me because I said some choice words!  This one is by far the biggest sucker I’ve ever laid eyes on.  It had eaten the new growth of the main shoot.  I hate to think of what damage it could have done left on my tomato for the rest of the day!  It could have been worse.  Just keep saying that and it’ll be okay!

I thought I'd include my hand for scale (but definitely not too close!). He's living here in the yard waste until my husband and I can drop him off in a new home later today (ie: somewhere in the brush far away from our garden). I've never had so many heebee geebees. I thought about feeding it to my little silkies and then I had an old movie scene play in my mind like King Kong of the hornworm eating my chickens!


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