Pumpkin Patch and Predator Protection

Today’s post is all about the 4 P’s.  Pumpkin patch & predator protection.  Say that 5 times fast!

Bates Nut Farm - Valley Center, CA

Yesterday we braved the crowds where I believe to be the biggest, most popular pumpkin patch in San Diego County.  Bates Nut Farm is open year-round, but they hit their peak in the fall with their amazing display of pumpkins.  There are 2 huge patches dedicated to Big Macs.  I must admit that I totally stole some seeds from one that was broken open.  These will be so fun to try next year!

The stolen goods!

Family Fun!

Not only does Bates have pumpkins, but also a petting corral, turkeys, chickens, ostriches, ducks and geese.  It’s a bit like a county fair, with bad but yummy food and an arts and crafts section.  We had the best fudge I’ve ever had.  In my life.  Salted dark chocolate fudge with a ribbon of carmel.  WOW.  It melted in my mouth.  Wish I’d taken a pic!

Then today my sweet hubby tackled an impending veggie garden project aimed at deterring bunnies and newly acquired silkie chickens!  He’d put up make-shift chicken wire surrounding two areas which were growing seedlings and had been mowed by a bunny.  Now that the yellow squash and pumpkins have come out, I’ve planted all season romaine, Detroit red beets, cosmic purple and red cored chantenay carrots.  Since the seedling are emerging, the chicken wire had to be extended, stat!  (Plus I had him extend the veggie garden by about 2 feet to add 8 more square feet).

The last stragglers. Their vines were all brown and dead, so I knew it was time. These should all orange up in about a week's time in the sun.


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