Late October Garden

The first thing I want to show off is my first harvest of lemon cucumbers! This is my first experience growing these (or cucumbers at all for that matter) and I just love their cute, yellow look. I read that you should pick them around the size of a tennis ball, but I've found that a touch under that size is best for a more tender flesh. They are so crisp and have a delicate flavor, which ironically, has no hints of lemon. On this day I also harvested a large bunch of green beans, a few cherry tomatoes and enough romaine to make salad for 5. It was a great day!

My bells are FINALLY ripening and changing color. Aren't they a bit late? Better late than never.

In late June when I first started this veggie garden, I planted watermelon seeds. Out of about 6 vines I never had one of the little melons start fattening up. Alas a few days ago I saw this guy! We're having such a warm fall that maybe, just maybe it'll grow and ripen.

The sugar snap peas are sky rocketing. I'll have to assemble some sort of additional trellising to promote their growth. The flowers have begun showing and I couldn't be more PEAsed!

One of the sugar snap pea groupings.

The broccoli is filling out nicely. Now if only I can keep the worms away! I check them every day and usually find a few.

One of my seedling beds, which I've been successive planting over the last month after the pumpkins came out. Here are broccoli, in addition to lettuce and carrots (not pictured).


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