Hello November!

Things have really slowed down in the garden and I’m feeling a bit thankful!  The Stupice heirloom tomatoes are starting to ripen their first tomatoes of the fall season.  They are one of the best tomatoes I’ve ever tasted.  Sweet, rich, full of flavor.  The cherry tomatoes are still working hard and have many fruits that still have to ripen.

Today's harvest of Stupice (center) and cherry tomatoes, lemon cucumbers and a few beets. I read that pulling beets when they're smaller gives them a better flavor. Bigger isn't always better!

Unfortunately a mouse (probably a whole family) have been happily chomping away at my tall, thick carrot tops.  I have a feeling that does not bode well for my carrots!  And they were only about 4 weeks away from harvest.  I’ll leave them in and see how they fair.  Meanwhile my lazy feline actually managed to catch one mouse and left it as a present at the back door.  A few more have been caught by traps, but still the ravaging continues.  At least I’m putting up a good fight!

Happy November!!


1 thought on “Hello November!

  1. We are surprised that Paris even caught one mouse! Everything looks yummy! Hope you are all feeling better, love Elyse & Mike

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