Potato Futures

Always thinking about ways to improve and diversify my garden, I read about a southern CA gardener who uses fabric grow pots in her driveway to grow potatoes.  Never having heard of these types of pots, I did a bit of research.  It seems that these are the ideal pots to grow potatoes in because they allow the roots and soil to breathe.  They are also extremely light weight and inexpensive!  Here’s the company’s website I purchased mine from.  My local nursery said they they get in seed potatoes in January, so I should be ready to go!  You have to grow certified seed potatoes from a nursery because the store bought ones have been sprayed with growth retardant (sounds really healthy).  I nabbed up two 30 gallon grow pots to allow for plenty of potatoes, each pot for a different variety.

Today as I was out and about in the garden, I took a few photos of some recent happenings.

My potted blueberry bush is setting all kinds of flowers. I love how petite and pretty they are.

When I moved into our home there were nasturtiums all over. Good thing I happen to like them! I've continued to spread their seeds each year. They are starting to sprout up with the fall rains. They look gorgeous on salad and cakes.

One of my four Stupice heirloom tomatoes. So many fruit to look forward to!

Sugar snap seedling.

Man does broccoli take it's time! I'm finally being rewarded with the signs of upcoming florets.

These carrots are survivors! I'm so glad I gave these little guys a chance to rebound from their duel with the mice. Now that the mice are gone (for the meantime), they have all kinds of new leaves, which I'm hoping will still provide beautiful carrots, albeit a little later than expected.

The beets are growing and keep calling my name. Patience, I tell myself!

The wall 'o peas. I need to think of a better way to support these sugar snaps. I just can't bring myself to spend money on a bean support system, so hopefully I can employ my husband to help me be creative.

Stupice and cherry tomatoes.

More harvest!


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