Silly Silkies

I can’t say enough about our silkie hens.  They are the quietest, most soft-spoken little chickens you’ll ever hear.  The first time I met our future hens, I was taken aback at how quiet they were.  And when they do make a noise, it’s a soft kind of purr, like a cat!  I knew it was high time to get some footage of our sweet girls on the blog to spread the love we have for them.

Yesterday they turned 6 months old.  Silkies mature slower than most other breeds, which means that they also lay eggs later.  Through my research, they can begin laying anywhere from 6-8 months old.  Since we are heading straight into winter, it may be delayed a bit further, since some hens primarily lay during the warmer months.  However, I have heard from the breeder herself that her silkies (the parents of my gals) lay year round.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful!  Each morning I look to see if there are any presents waiting in the nesting boxes.  I even put a few plastic easter eggs in there to help them get the hint.  Hopefully it will be any day now.

Here’s the video of one of the silkies taking a dirt bath.  These events remind me of when cats sun bathe and roll around in the dirt, too.  Except these baths really are beneficial for the chickens, as the dirt helps clean their skin and eliminate mites and other little bugs.  And a few minutes later all the dirt has rolled off their feathers and they look white as ever.

Here’s a funny video to share that I took yesterday while they were out and about in the backyard.  It really shows how friendly and curious they are!


3 thoughts on “Silly Silkies

    • I have heard that silkies are great brooders. And sometimes not in a good way if you have no rooster! I’ve thought about breeding perhaps down the line but for now I’m just hoping for eggs! Could be any day now. They are only 7 months. How old were yours when they started laying?

  1. I found a little black Silkie a month ago. He is darling. He was supposed to be a she, but he has started crowing, not as loud as most roosters, but he does it every morning. Not sure we can keep him because of my neighbors. No one minds the hens, but he is, naturally, a bit vocal! If anyone knows of a Silkie adoption, I’d love to know!

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