Potato Present

Over the weekend at our local farmers market I talked to a vendor who makes and sells potato growing kits, among other things.  She told me that due to San Diego’s weather, you can really plant potatoes even now, as long as they don’t get too wet with a series of storms.  She showed me her sample burlap bag with 3 week old potatoes growing up, beautiful green leaves and all.  She didn’t have enough seed potatoes for me that day, so she agreed to bring more this weekend and sell me some.  They are certified organic and she buys them from www.groworganic.com.

Today as I’m perusing the pantry for a nibble, I notice that my organic yukon potatoes that I bought a few weeks back to make mashed potatoes out of are sprouting!  Cool!  They are large, so I cut 2 in half, making sure to include at least two eyes on each piece.  This will be one type of potatoes that I attempt to grow and then I will return this weekend to the farmers market to buy the All Blue variety for my other fabric grow pot.

First put 4-6 inches of organic soil in your pot.  Then place potatoes (if cut, then cut side down) on top of the soil.  Some say to wait a day after cutting to allow the potatoes to scab over, but I’ve read that this isn’t necessary.  As long as the potatoes stay damp and not wet, they will grow just fine.

Put another couple inches of soil on top of the potatoes, a little less in the colder climates.  At this point my grow pots are only about half way filled with soil, which is perfect because once those leaves emerge, I will continue adding soil in stages.  More on that when it happens!  Since the grow pots are fabric and only filled halfway, the sides were flopping all around.  To allow the most amount of sun to the potatoes, I rolled the sides inward all the way around the pot.

My little blog marked it’s 600th hit today.  Yippee!


1 thought on “Potato Present

  1. This is a great entry! We just ate a few organic potatoes a few days ago, and they had eyes on them that I took off. Should have given them to you! Good luck with your new little potatoes. Mom

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