A Sweet New Addition

Recently while researching seed potatoes, I came across grape vines, which will be ready to purchase in bare root form the first week of January.  I’ve always admired grape vines’ whispy, graceful leaves.  And what goes better with grapes than a pergola!

I found this perfect pergola picture and quite easily envisioned lush, bountiful grape vines producing large bunches of sweet grapes.

After researching pre-made arbor/pergola kits that arrive on your doorstep ready to be assembled, I realized that the dimensions and look that I want do not come ready-made.  Next comes a sweet phone call to my jack -of-all-trades woodworking pro father to ask for his vision and brawn.  He has agreed!  Now all I have to do is remove a huge 15 year old flax where it’s future home lies.  The plan is one red flame seedless grape vine on one side and one green Thompson seedless on the other side.

My husband and father will begin work in about 2 weeks time, just in time for this to be my Christmas present.  I can’t think of a better one.


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