Christmas week harvest

I’d planted a few watermelon seeds in mid summer (probably a bit late) and this was the only one that somewhat matured.  Had it been planted earlier in the season, it may have had a chance to ripen, but the light frosts killed the vine and thus the melon had to be picked.  I cut it open and it was just the tiniest bit pink.  Oh well, a good lesson.

I’m also seeing now that I need to amend the soil a bit deeper to allow the carrots to grow longer.  They still tasted great!

The green tomatoes that I placed in a bowl on my kitchen counter are slowly but surely ripening.  It really works!  It’s giving us a steady flow of tomatoes even as our cold-weather Stupice tomatoes are winding down.

Stealing a few nibbles of the freshly cut broccoli. Our first meal with this steamed broccoli on the side really impressed us with it's wonderful taste.

More broccoli, tomatoes and two hen eggs!!!

As I recently posted, on December 28th our first egg was laid.  I wondered how long it would be until we saw another and lo and behold the very next day there was another just sitting in the nesting box.  It was a little lighter in color than the first and without the tiny brown speckles.  I’m guessing it was laid by another hen, but I’m not sure.  Wouldn’t that be something if two of these sister silkies started laying within 1 day of each other?

I used both in a banana nut muffin recipe that my daughter and I made today. They are the small ones on the bottom. 2:1 is about how I figure these little eggs.

All in all this week’s harvest has been the most exciting out of any other in the last 6 months of my first veggie garden.  Our first broccoli and chicken eggs.  This is what suburban farming is all about.


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