Early January Garden

Even in these slower times in the garden, fun things still seem to pop up.

The first signs of life from my seed potatoes! The ones I put in the ground are sprouting faster than the ones in the fabric grow pots. I even dug up one of the potatoes in the grow pots to make sure they hadn't rotted. They're fine...just taking their time.

The Sharpblue highbush blueberry I planted a mere 2 weeks ago is already sprouting lots of new leaves. YES!

A pretty broccoli flower. Side shoots have started to develop off the stalks that have already been harvested.

Our awesome silkie hens are getting in the groove of things (although still slower than the warmer months will provide). We collect 1-3 eggs per day. I think there may still be one or two hens that have yet to lay.

Lettuce is really the star of the garden this time of year.


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