Is that a blue egg? (And other happenings)

The blue Ameraucana egg compared to my silkie egg. (Daffodils providing the backdrop). Honestly these photos don't do the blue color justice.

My friend who gave me my silkies recently came over and had in her hand something quite awe-inspiring and amazing.  A blue egg.  Her lavender Ameraucana just started laying them and she happily gave me the egg.  My mouth dropped open and I was intrigued.  Then with a twinkle in her eye she said that she has some chicks of the same breed that she could give me.  She’s so bad!  Part of me wants to take one, but I’m just out of room in my coop.  I can’t let my backyard get TOO overrun with fowl!!  Having those blue eggs sure would be awesome, though.   Hmmmm….

How cool would it be to use these blue eggs for an Easter egg hunt? The lettuce provides a nice hiding spot.

My newly planted Double Delight Nectarine has opened it's first flowers. I love this time of year! My Burgundy Plum has yet to leaf out or bloom.

I think I heard that you're supposed to nip the fruit off the first year so the new tree can establish it's roots. That'll be hard to do!

One of my potato grow pots. These potatoes have taken off! Soon I will be covering the majority of the plant with more soil to encourage a plethora of potatoes.

The green seedless Thompson grape is about to show it's first leaves!

Here's my seedlings!

One or two nights a slug and a snail snuck into the container before I put the lid on and placed it in the garage for the night. Needless to say I was a teensy bit upset (understatement). I lost a few seedlings, but diligently planted more a few days later. I’ve got carrots, broccoli, heirloom tomatoes, basil and lettuce in here so far.


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