Spring has Sprung

My no-name peach has opened it's first blossoms. I'm not sure what I look forward to more, the vibrant pink breaths of spring, or the summer fruit they will become.

Then there’s my silly fig.  I’ve never known a fig to fruit BEFORE the leaves open, but that’s exactly what this one does.  It’s a Diana fig, so I figure it’s unique to this type.

It's a small thing, maybe about 3 years old. Semi-dwarf.

This beauty is not of the edible variety that my blog touts, but it literally took my breath away today, so I knew it had earned a spot.

It’s called Ceanothus Concha, and it is a native California drought-tolerant shrub.  Each spring it showcases it’s brilliant blue pom-pom like flowers.  This is it’s third spring in our backyard and it seems to have hit it’s stride.

We have quite a few gracing our dry, sunny slope. If you live in CA, these live on little water!!

The peach at evening light.


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