Purple Carrot Heaven

My first attempt at growing carrots was with red cored chantenays.  I imagined long, cylindrical beauties and ended up with short, stubby beauties.  Lots of work for not a lot to eat.  Last fall I asked my husband if there was anything in particular that he’d like me to grow in the veggie garden.  To my surprise, he requested purple carrots.  He also requested basil, but that’s not the title of this post!  So, late fall the carrots went into the ground with high hopes.

Yesterday my daughter and I pulled together a harvest for our dinner salad.

Calabrese broccoli side shoots, lettuce and purple carrots!

It can be difficult for me to tell when carrots are ready, so the best way I’ve found is to just pull one out of the earth!  To my amazement the first purple carrot I chose just kept going and going and was fatter than I could have imagined!

We even had a little chuckle when we pulled the one on the right. Must have been a rock in it's way! And there's a lot more where these came from.

Cosmic purple carrots have orange centers. Makes for a lovely presentation.

So that's it, I'm hooked. Today you could see me skipping all over the yard planting new purple carrot seeds in any nook or crevice I could find.


6 thoughts on “Purple Carrot Heaven

  1. There used to be carrots of all varieties grown everywhere until the supermarket consumer dictated that they be orange and nearly flavourless :D. These look wonderful. I think we might be putting some carrots in this year :D. Props for growing some wonderful veg!

    • It’s so interesting when people are shocked to learn that carrots of other colors actually exist. I’m trying to more toward growing particular vegetables that aren’t available in the stores. Here’s to not following the vegetable status quo!

  2. You had much better luck with Cosmic Purple than I did when I tried growing it a couple of years ago. I had only couple of decent sized roots and they were rather bitter. I’m sure it probably had to do with the fact that it was extraordinarily hot outside when I harvested them.

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