When the beginning of fall comes, I’m already thinking of spring.  By far, spring is my favorite time of year.  My heart feels lighter, hopeful and renewed.  This year, spring holds an ever more significant meaning.  It’s the start of a new summer vegetable garden.  My garden grows and I grow with it.

A Cherokee Purple tomato seedling getting it's first true leaves. I planted these about 4 weeks ago in my exciting new idea for seed starting pots - toilet paper rolls. It is still too cold here at night for these guys to be outside, so they sleep in my garage.

A partial photo of my seedlings. I've got about 85 seedlings in the works. I'm planting more heirloom tomatoes than I'm going to need, so I've already decided that the extras will make wonderful gifts.

I couldn't be more thrilled over my green Thompson seedless grape. It has leafed out much faster than it's red Thompson seedless pal in the ground. This one does have more sunlight and better soil, since it's in a pot for now.

I will have to brush up on how to prune first year grapes, ASAP!

Here are the new buds on the red seedless grape. As you can see, it is behind the green grape. As the sun gets higher in the sky, it will receive more sunlight and should catch up (fingers crossed).

I'm in love with my peach in spring. It isn't quite at it's flower peak and yet I still stare at it from my kitchen window.


1 thought on “Growth

  1. Hello, i was looking at your thompson seedless grape plant, and I really would like to know Where can i get that same plant or the seeds to plant it???

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