Springy Stuff!

Things are really shakin’ in the garden!

I got some flack (and rightly so) about only planting 4 toms in my new raised planting bed. So, I relented to the masses and sowed carrots and planted yellow beets and lettuce seedlings along the perimeter. You were right!

One of my 4-5 Sequoia strawberry plants grown from bare root. Most of the 12 or so plants initially took off, but only 4-5 ended up going on to produce a true plant. Not bad for 2 bucks.

My many varieties of second planting seedlings are close to being ready for the earth. I graduated these lemon cucumber seedlings (foreground) to larger containers because I wanted to wait a few more weeks when the weather is a scoash warmer. Plus I've found that the larger you plant 'em, the less likely they're eaten by little rodents.

The yukon gold potatoes are robust and beautiful. I continued to fill these grow pots with soil as the plants grew taller. Now I'll just wait until the foliage begins to yellow, which will signal harvest time. Hint: these guys love coffee grounds.

These potato leaves are slightly different, since I have my blue potatoes in here.

I forgot to take a before pic in the excited haze of pulling out my exasperated woody scented geranium (don't worry, I have cuttings!) to make way for enlarging my smaller plot by 45 square feet! I am so thrilled with it. My husband extended the chicken wire and even buried it down a few inches. This wire keeps out our silkies, wild rabbits, errant soccer balls, toy lawn mowers and hopefully a few fat rats that can't fit through the holes. I know that mice can still squeeze through, but hey.

Another view. I made sure to really work in the bagged amendment about 18" and not compact the soil treading all over it after I was finished.

Here's a new resident in the newly appointed bed. Don't know what it is? It produces a green pod with 3-4 beans inside which make a great appetizer for sushi. Edamame!

A few of the girls feeling out their enclosure. I posted about this a few weeks back. It's some nice metal coated fencing that fits together in sections. I easily remove one section for them to roam the entire yard 1-2 times per week. Most days they stay in here and seem pretty content. They have been vocal a few times this week, which told me they needed their grass time!


4 thoughts on “Springy Stuff!

  1. I am amazed how much room you have without that geranium! It’s going to be fun to see how much more veggies you get out of this garden. Great Work, Jess & Aaron!

  2. I planted radishes around my tomato plants. I couldn’t believe how fast they sprouted! I’m hoping they’ll be ready to harvest just as my tomatoes are ready to really get growing.
    Your potato plants look great. I never realized they were such a pretty plant. I may try to sneak some into my landscaping.
    I’m new to San Diego and have enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Susan-I really appreciated your comment! It is my primary goal to inspire other gardeners to grow food in their yards. It is so rewarding and fun along the way. I have been so pleased with how beautiful the potato foliage has turned out to be! They really are easy and are good with even lack-luster soils. Happy veggie gardening!

  3. Our girls would fly right over that fence, actually they fly over our 4ft fence we have for them, but they seem content mostly to stay inside. I wish they would stay in a small fence like that 🙂 Nice pics.

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