Tour D’Coop

With spring comes many garden tours in my neck of the woods.  I’ve been going to them with my mom since I was a girl and I still enjoy the experience.  What’s better than getting a sneak peak into people’s private sanctuaries?  It’s somewhat alluring in that sense and also lends plenty of ideas for one’s own corner of the earth.

On a garden tour in May 2011 in Encinitas, CA.

Another garden on the same tour but this time with a succulent vibe.

While perusing some edible garden blogs, I stumbled across something that caught the attention of the chicken owner in me.  In Raleigh, North Carolina chickens have become such the rage that there is an event called “Tour D’Coop“, which, similar to a walking garden tour, is a tour of, you guessed it: chicken coops.  But these are no ordinary hen havens.  Check it out!

Of course I would sign up in a heartbeat for this type of tour in San Diego.  I’m wondering if the phenomenon of keeping chickens has spread to the point of warranting a tour somewhere in my county.  Now, I cannot tout a handmade coop that took 2 years to build purely out of recycled materials big enough to house a small family, but I am proud of our little set up.  It gets the job done and makes a nice addition to our suburban homestead.


4 thoughts on “Tour D’Coop

    • Silkies really are a crack up if you’re in the position to be swayed on breeds when you do get some hens again. I hope to see some pecking around your blog sometime in the near future! By the way, I made your amazing apple berry custard crumble pie tonight and it turned out to be the holy grail of pies. I mean it. My husband and parents all said it was the best pie they can ever remember eating. I loved and savored every bite of that triumphant pie. Thank you!

  1. I love garden tours for similar reasons as you. Every once in awhile, I get to see a coop on a tour, but it is usually the exception.

    You have a lovely coop. Austin, TX does a funky coop tour every year. My brother in law has gone a few times and says it is pretty cool. Further North of you, the local Los Angeles Urban Chicken Enthusiasts has talked about setting up a coop tour, but as far as I know, no date yet.

    Nice Blog, by the way.

    • Thanks for following, Leanne. I haven’t heard of the LA Urban Chicken Enthusiasts and will be finding out more about them. I was thinking of creating a group on or something of the like in San Diego, which could perhaps snowball into something more, like tours. I’ve got a bumper sticker on my car (and it’s the only one) that says, “My pet makes me breakfast” from, but I want to go beyond my bumper sticker! Thanks for the info.

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