Potato Harvest

A few days ago I shared a photo of one of my poor fabric grow pots that was being eaten through by mice, along with much of the foliage.  While it wasn’t quite time to harvest, I reluctantly did just that today to end the destruction and salvage what was left of my tots.  To my surprise, I found a nice little harvest after I removed the foliage and dumped the soil onto a plastic tarp.

Here’s how some came out as I pulled up the greens:

And here’s the whole harvest from this grow pot:

Not the most impressive lot, but I’m pleased to have this many considering the rodent issue and the premature harvest.  Luckily I have one more grow pot in another part of the backyard with my highly anticipated blue potatoes.  So far that one is rodent-free.


6 thoughts on “Potato Harvest

  1. Nice harvest considering the pesky mice. I made and tried growing potatoes in bags a couple of years ago and had the same problem. Mine were devoured by voles though.

    • Yes, I’m really unsure how I’ll proceed in the future with growing potatoes. Between the slugs and mice, the cost has far outweighed the benefit. I’m glad I tried it, though. I had to throw away one grow bag because it had so many holes in it. It’s good to hear your experience as well!

  2. Sorry to read that you’ve had a problem with mice! You’re potatoes looked beautiful just a few weeks ago. Hope your blue potatoes make it!

    • Hi Susan! I promise if you try the pie recipe, you’ll be a happy camper! With the potatoes, it seemed like my beautiful foliage was destroyed almost overnight. There was actually a mom and babies living under the grow bag. Yikes! Luckily the potatoes were untouched. I think the momma was using pieces of the grow bag for the nest, too. So I have high hopes for the blue tots!

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