Apple Berry Custard Crumble Pie

 Recipe: Apple Berry Crumble Pie.

Tall Clover Farm photo.

Tall Clover Farm photo.

Being a lover of all things baked, this recipe piqued my interest from Tom at Tall Clover Farm.  I am a recent follower and can I just say that I’m hooked.  This is the most entertaining, laugh-out-loud, charismatic edible garden blog I’ve ever read.  Tom keeps things so fun and so delicious.  This is the first recipe I’ve tried of his and let me tell you that it IS THE BEST PIE I’ve ever made.  I know some people throw around that phrase, but in this case it is the absolute truth.  I made it last night for my husband, my parents and my daughter and EVERYONE got seconds (even thirds but we won’t get into that).  What makes this pie so outstanding is the ingeniously simple compliment of custard and crumb topping together in one pie.  The custard is creamy and not too sweet.  It intermingles with the blackberries and apples so as to add another dimension of taste.  It is pure heaven.  Plus, it’s super easy.  No mixer or stovetop…just a bowl.  See the recipe and the Tall Clover Farm blog for yourself by clicking on the link at top.

Here's Tom's.

Here's Tom's.

And mine!


4 thoughts on “Apple Berry Custard Crumble Pie

  1. Jessica, thanks for the kind words and glowing endorsement. I love that you love this pie, and quite frankly share in my enthusiasm for baked good goodness. So great to meet you online and discover your wonderful blog. cheers, Tom at

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