They Just Grow Up So Fast

Persian “Green Fingers” cucumbers with Cosmic Purple carrots in between.

The Lemon Cucumbers already have their first flowers.

One of the cherry tomatoes has begun fruiting! They are the earliest of all the tomatoes I’m growing this year.

A row of green beans (pole) are starting to make their way up the trellis.

One of my healthiest heirloom tomatoes going crazy!  This variety is Cherokee Purple, which has a potato leaf.  This type of leaf is more resistant to disease and mildew.

This Persimmon and Old German are taking over! I’ve had early blight and blossom drop effect these two, so I’m hoping with the much warmer weather and copper and calcium sprays, they will pull through.

A few main broccoli heads are just about ready for harvest.

Patty Pan scallop squash seedling (pay no attention to the weeds!).

The pumpkin patch! Red Warty Thing and Jarrahdale. I’ll train these to grow up the slope to save room in the beds.

One half of my veggie garden lies in the flat bed next to the grass at the base of the slope of insanity.

Even with all of my beds planted to capacity, I try to stay vigilant in the art of successive planting. The idea is that you continue sowing the season’s seeds in 2-3 week intervals to ensure a long harvest of vegetables. If you just grow one set of veggies, once they’re done producing, you’ll have nothing left. Plus, as earlier producers come out first (like the broccoli that’s almost ready), that will make room for more seedlings to lengthen the harvest season.


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