Colorful Beans

The first real green (and purple and Rattlesnake) bean harvest of the season.  I grow all pole beans since I love taking advantage of vertical height in the garden.  Stick a 6′ wooden pole (hence the name) right next to each bean plant and leave the rest to them.  The green beans are from seeds I saved from last season.  The heirloom purple and Rattlesnake are new to me this year and I’m having such fun seeing their uniqueness peeking out in a sea of green.  They’re great tasting, too!  Can’t wait to add these to tonight’s dinner.

The bounty.

I’d say that green beans are one of the funnest edibles to collect.  There’s always more on the vine than you thought, because so many are tucked behind leaves or blend into their surroundings.

Bon Appetit!


5 thoughts on “Colorful Beans

  1. Am really enjoying your website! My green pole beans are in full bloom, but no beans yet. However, my wax beans are outdoing themselves. Will plant some Bluelake bush beans later on. When I see rattle snake and purple bean seeds, I’d love to try them. Dd you order them from a catalog?

    • It’s great to hear that you’ll have beans soon, too! I’ve never grown wax beans. Do you have experience with them? I’d love to hear how they differ. The rattlesnake and purple pole bean seeds I purchased from a local nursery. It’s no ordinary nursery…they have the largest selection of seeds and edibles plants I’ve ever seen! It’s called Green Thumb Nursery and they have locations around S. California. Mine are specifically the Renee’s Garden brand. They have a website if you’d like to order. They only bummer about them is that they lose their color when cooked! So last night’s colorful beans looked all green on the plate. I’d say it’s still worth trying! They taste great raw off the vine.

    • Thanks, Susan! The mice may have won a little battle, but I have won the war! Ha, sometimes that’s kinda how it feels. But it’s all worth it when you’ve got fresh veggies in your hand for dinner.

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