Oat Flour Peach Cobbler…Gluten-Free

With a family member now on a gluten-free diet, my beloved baking has taken a back seat.  No wheat!!!  Baking only for yourself just isn’t the same thing.  The other day I was tasked to “somehow make a gluten-free pie/cobbler”.  The peach tree in the backyard made the decision for me on what type of pie to make.  This week it has started pumping out big, ripe peaches and we can’t eat them fast enough.

Now I love a challenge, so I started rifling through that many gluten-free recipes with almond flour, millet flour, etc.  Arg.  Not a trip to the store for one ingredient!  (One of my pet-peeves).  I’d rather go to a neighbor or do a logical substitution.  Alas, I stumbled upon the easiest answer.  Oat Flour.  You can make it in your blender, people!  We love our old-fashioned Quaker oatmeal, so we have it in bulk at all times.  Measure out however much the recipe calls for and put it in the blender (don’t use the quick-cooking kind.  It won’t work!).  Mine has a “food processor” button, so that’s what I used for 1 minute until the oats resembled….flour!

Peaches still warm from the afternoon sun, old-fashioned oats and oat flour made right in the blender.

A closer look.  So much heart-healthy fiber!!

The oat flour mixed with traditional cobbler ingredients (sugar, butter, cinnamon, etc.)

And of course the oh so delicious cooking peaches photo.

Yum. The topping was really hearty yet fluffy. The cobbler recipe that I used called for milk and flour in the topping as well, which was unique and fun.

Here’s the moral of the story: There are always new things to explore and learn in baking, some of them easier than you’d imagine!  This was not meant to be a recipe post, as many have their own cobbler/pie recipes…but more of a revelation in alternative flours, whether you’re gluten-free or not.


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