She’s a Keeper

How could we give this girl back?  I mean really.  Our one week trial is finished and she’s now the newest (and LAST!) member of our brood.  She is super quiet, which is a good thing if you have close neighbors like we do living in the suburbs.  The Silkies can cause quite the ruckus but the only peep I’ve heard out of our new Swedish Flower Hen is some cooing when I’m holding her.  (Everyone give a collective “Awwwww.”)

She’s also very calm and friendly.  My daughter is still gaining her courage to hold her because, “Mom, her neck is soooo long!”  She’s in the process of finding her place among the original girls and she is being chased by one of our Silkies, who must be queen bee in the pecking order.  It’s actually quite funny to watch seen as though she’s so much smaller than our new girl.  I have a feeling that as our Swedish Flower Hen becomes more comfortable and finishes growing, that Silkie may be dethroned.

Now the final step is to do something we were never able to do with the Silkies.  Give her a name.  Our 5 white fluff balls all look so similar that is was nearly impossible for us to name each one.

Some definite bonding has taken place between these two over the past few days. Today they have been inseparable. Here our Silkie shows her the ropes in one of the favorite dust bath spots.


6 thoughts on “She’s a Keeper

  1. That hen is too cute! I think you got a good one! I love it when they’re friendly. Our hen is confused about her species and thinks she’s a dog.

    What’s her name?

    🙂 Susan

    • Hi Susan-We’re still working on a name. I was thinking of Henrietta because my grandmother had a hen with that name. Plus it’s got the word “hen”! How did you decide on a name for your hen?

      • Well, being the super creative bunch that we are here (joking)…Her name is Cinnamon…she’s brown. We also had Oreo but, she passed…guess what colors she was…

        I love the name Henrietta!

        I’d love to pick up another hen (don’t tell my husband) 😉
        Have your other girls mellowed and accepted the new one yet?

      • I had a cat named Oreo growing up, which shows my creativity as well!!! I do think Cinnamon is a great chicken name! It’s been a calm week with then hens. Henrietta is fitting in nicely now. She is no longer chased by the queen Silkie. Her anxiety has all but gone and she seems to be a member of the girls club now. 🙂 She walks up to me every time I go in the backyard. I love her! I can give you the contact info for the breeder that I’ve gotten all of my hens from. She also works at UCSD studying fowl. Cool! She lives in Del Mar. Just say the word!

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