The Garden Has Gone Bananas!

My banana tree typically fruits every other year and now is it’s moment in the sun.   Traditionally the bananas never ripen (I’m guessing due to the slightly less than ideal dry climate of my So. Cal. backyard).  However, it’s a fun occurrence in the garden and you never know, maybe this will be my lucky year.

Once the fruiting stalk has finished giving it’s every ounce of energy to the fruit, it does die, but thankfully there are always new shoots and young stalks.  I read today that the banana is botanically classified as a berry!  And, these plants are not really trees because they lack any sort of woody features, but are rather an herb!  The trunk is composed of the main fruiting stem enrobed by leaves.  Cool, huh?  My chickens seem to be already aware of this, since they love to snack on the base of the plant, and have even been known to cause one or two to, “timber!”

Such a stunning visual impact. Quite eye-catching for the garden!


5 thoughts on “The Garden Has Gone Bananas!

  1. Jessica,

    That’s so awesome your Banana is fruiting!

    I’ve seen on Kauai where they’ve cut the entire bunch of Bananas, hang them up, then allow them to ripen off the tree. Maybe this may be an option for you to try?

    🙂 Susan

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