Summer’s Twilight

I enjoy letting my 4 year old take her own photos. Every now and then she hits one out of the park. This is a reflection of the banana tree (which is technically an herb) in it’s own flower petal which had fallen on the ground.

Summer scallop squash has been exploding in the raised bed.

Purple and rattlesnake pole beans.

The year’s second crop from the 4 year old Diana fig has been big for our little tree. Although they are smaller the second time around, they are just as sweet.

Here is the cool weather-loving Czechoslovakian heirloom tomato named Stupice (pronounced Stu-peach-ka). I had great luck with it last year. I love that you can continue to have tomatoes into the fall when other have withered away.

It’s my first time growing arugula, or “rocket”. I’m amazed at how fast it germinates (3 days!), and at nearly a 100% rate.

A photo my daughter caught of me at twilight out in the garden.


5 thoughts on “Summer’s Twilight

  1. I love that figs produce two crops. My tree is loaded with itty bitty figs right now. I just need to find a way to get them before he birds do. I’m thinking it’s time for bird netting.

      • I love figs fresh..or barbecued and stuffed with goat cheese or caramelized and put over ice cream…or in salads…. Birds around here have impeccable timing. You won’t se a peck on one piece of fruit until they reach their juicy best and you are heading toward the tree with a basket. They can devastate a crop in one day.

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