Beautiful Imperfection

Roaming the isles of the grocery store, the apples and oranges are all neatly stacked, each nearly the same size, reflecting a perfect, uniform skin.  I can’t help but think, “Did Mother Nature intend for our food to look this way?”  Many of our fruits and vegetables boast such perfect qualities due to scientifically altered seeds.  I can’t help but ask myself why people have gained a preference for perfect food.  When I eat a lop-sided strawberry from the garden or a slightly bruised peach newly fallen from the tree, I can’t help but feel that I am eating what Mother Nature truly intended.  It’s not the beautiful, gleaming fruit from the store that lacks flavor as a sacrifice for looks, but it is still perfect in my eyes, reflecting Mother Nature’s unique beauty.

Yesterday one of my Silkies gave me a reminder of my love for the unexpected.

A tiny, tiny egg.

A tiny, tiny egg.

Left: Henrietta's blue egg.  She lays 6 days a week!  Middle: Silkie egg.  Right: our tiny gift!

Left: Henrietta’s blue egg. She lays 6 days a week! Middle: Silkie egg. Right: our tiny gift!

Happy New Year and may you appreciate the beautiful imperfections of Mother Nature.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Imperfection

  1. We got an egg exactly like this from one of our barred rocks or Rhode Island Reds yesterday. I’ve never seen one this small from these birds before….and it had no yolk!

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