Poking around the Garden

I was thrilled to see that the bare-root cherry trees (Minnie Royal and Royal Lee) and Gold Kist apricot that I newly planted just a few weeks ago are already forming buds!

ImageThe sugar snap peas are also taking off finally.  Here are some that I planted in a pot about 2 months back.  Just yesterday I planted a row of peas in the ground so that I would have more through spring and early summer.

ImageAs I was poking around I realized that I wasn’t the only one doing some poking this afternoon.


As you can see I was caught by the Silkie on the left before I could capture their four behinds sneaking around behind the vegetable bed.  Too funny!


I love seeing the four of them out and about together (when they’re behaving themselves). The three Silkies just snapped out of a spell of broodiness and Henrietta is much happier having her partners in crime back.


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