Hello, Red Baron!

My “no-name” peach no longer has to deal with a self-identity crisis.  Last night I realized that I could figure out what my mysterious peach was with a little search engine insight and know-how.  Channeling Sherlock, I have unlocked the mystery, hinging on none other than it’s show-stopping blooms.  Thinking about it’s freestone pit, yellow flesh, low chilling hour requirement and July ripening, I was almost certain that I’d had a Mid Pride peach all these years (well, since 2007).  Then I googled Mid Pride’s spring flowers and I heard a big “uuhhh-mmmmmm” like a losing contestant on the Price is Right.  It’s flowers are pale pink and single layer.  The only other peach meeting all the other above requirements with a double red flower was Red Baron.


IMG_6279Hello, Red Baron.  Nice to meet ya.


1 thought on “Hello, Red Baron!

  1. What a great post! I love the way you write! Red Baron is a great name for this wonderful Peach Tree. The blooms are just gorgeous and a joy to look at. Keep up the great posts!

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