From the Kitchen Window and Beyond


Dishes aren’t so bad when I have this Spring scene to gaze upon.


Each of my fruit trees now has this flexible landscaping barrier.  Luckily my husband found it at a garage sale and it was long enough to cut for all 4 trees exposed to the happy, digging talons of our Ameraucana hen, Henrietta.  Unlike the vertically challenged Silkies, Henrietta can go almost anywhere she pleases with a flap of her caramel color wings.  A favorite hangout of hers had become the base of the fruit trees, which I’m sure had nothing to do with the yummy homemade compost and grass clippings that I’ve been layering around their root zones all winter.  And you’d be surprised how deep a chicken can dig!  These barriers seem to be effective at keeping her at bay.


And there’s that chicken in question (bottom right), running away from the ferocious sounds of the play lawnmower.


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