Wild Peacocks

A few days a week I drive by the entrance of Leo Carrillo Ranch in Carlsbad and sometimes catch a glimpse of the wild peacocks that inhabit the ranch.  Sometimes they are crossing the road (to prove they’re not chickens!) or scattered in the trees.  Yes, peacocks can fly short distances!  They can fly up into trees to escape predators or across bodies of water seen here.

Two females early this morning.

Two females early this morning taken from my car.

photo_2Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park “is a designated Historic National Landmark that was opened to the public in August 2003.” It is a “former working ranchero, once owned by actor Leo Carrillo. Secluded in the heart of a magnificently landscaped 27-acre canyon, this historic park contains and protects romantic hand-crafted adobe buildings, antique windmills, a reflecting pool and many other beautiful historic structures where visitors can explore and experience California history. Nature-lovers delight in gorgeous agave, bougainvillea, Birds of Paradise, plentiful trees and the company of dozens of brilliant peacocks who call the ranch home.”  If you live near or visit San Diego’s North County, it’s a beautiful, unique place.  And the peacocks may just pay you a visit!


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