Yellow Iris

It’s funny because I can’t ever remember this iris blooming.  It surprised me a few mornings ago when it’s color caught me eye and made me smile.  Iris’ are special in my family and seeing these blooming in the yard makes me want to plant more.



Bulbs really are a cherished thing.  They sleep in the ground just long enough for them to slip our mind come spring.  Then they bloom in a furry and fade away just as fast as they came.  (Thank you to my daughter for taking the first photo above, which proved to be better than most of mine.)


8 thoughts on “Yellow Iris

  1. Such pretty iris pictures. I love bearded iris, too. They are one of my favorite plants to share and trade with friends and family. I have a reblooming yellow that looks a bit similar to your pics, but I don’t know it’s name.

    • I saw the photo of your yellow iris. You don’t see yellow as often, which is nice to have. Speaking of rare plants, I wanted to ask you where I can buy rare grape vines on specific root stock. Can you help?

  2. So pretty! Almost all of my spring blooming flowers are along the side of my house where I can’t see and enjoy them. I really need to get some iris and daffodils moved nearer to the patio and garden.

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