Fireplace (Fruit)ion

There are certain times when an idea becomes reality, whether big or small, that feels so completely rewarding.  Last night, feeling the warmth of our outdoor fireplace on my back, I felt a specific comfort from not only the crackling heat of the hearth, but also in the perseverance of my husband and the knowledge that hard work, research, and motivation can land us in a place that felt for so long like just a dreamy idea.  My hat goes off to my husband for creating something that I started off by saying, “I would love a ……”.  Our hands and our hearts can do wonderful things.

DSCN0160The pavers are in, with only a handful needling to be measured and cut for those unique sizing spots.  The four posts are cemented and now await the top of our pergola (this weekend!)

'Smore time.

‘Smore time.

DSCN0163I couldn’t be happier with our new warm cozy spot.


3 thoughts on “Fireplace (Fruit)ion

  1. What a beautiful post and praise for your Wonderful Husband and Father this coming Fathers Day! Can’t wait to see this project completed this weekend.

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