Emerging Monarchs

As a follow up to my previous post, I should have posted these photos in mid April when I took them, but alas here they are!  This first photo shows a monarch about 1 hour before emerging.  The chrysalis is completely see through at this point!  Also in the second photo notice the curled wings before the dry out.  This was taken a few minutes after emerging.  The fourth photo is pretty cool in it’s own right because those two monarchs literally emerged within minutes of each other!


And just when I thought our monarch adventure was done for the season, we now have 14 new caterpillars within the last week.  That month in between gave the milkweeds just enough time to replenish to give life all over again.

Edible Garden-Fruit Edition

My new veggie garden is near and dear to my heart, but I can’t overlook my beloved fruit trees and bushes.  Here are the fruits that round out my edible garden.

The blueberries from this plant never make it into the house. This is really my daughter's plant, as she inspects it daily for her "blue blues". I recently read that blueberries are acid lovers and used coffee grounds can do the trick. There's no shortage of that in my house, so I gave it a whirl. I think since then it has doubled in size. Try it on your blueberry bush! (note the pretty volunteer nasturtium...also edible!)

3 year old dwarf clementine amongst the veggies.

The 3 year old Diana fig is preparing for it's second harvest this season!

5 year old peach tree. This peach has been a great producer since day 1. Sometimes I think you just get lucky and what you plant happens to really like it there. The only issue is that every other year the leaves develop with bumps and strange curls, but it has never effected fruit production or quality. Stone fruit typically needs a certain amount of cold nights during the winter, and I think that I live just far enough east from the coast to meet it's needs. Only second to it's juicy fruit are the hot pink spring flowers that become the fruit. I can see it directly out of my kitchen window and I catch myself admiring it all through spring.

Butterfly visiting the gorgeous spring peach tree blossoms.