Misguided Peach Bloom for Halloween

I’ve never had a fruit tree bloom quite like this before!  Doesn’t it know that apples and pumpkins get to be the star now?  It has just really started to cool down here in southern California.  I can almost guarantee that this bloom will fizzle before it bears fruit, but it’s an interesting site in the garden.


The potted pink mandevilla next to the outdoor fireplace it definitely more sure of itself and I’m happy to report that it’s creeping along the mantel quite nicely, situating itself in the cracks of the stones.

DSCN2572I decided that with my lackluster fruit tree growth this year, I would adopt a technique that I used for the Spice Zee Nectaplum when I planted it this spring and it did fab.  When I planted it, I also planted a two foot long plastic pipe found in the hardware center plumbing section.  I use it to give water directly to the roots deep in this hard, dry soil.  So, I picked up 6 more and carefully dug holes around my already planted fruit trees and positioned them down in the ground.  I also drilled about 4-5 holes in the lower half of the pipe to give water all around.

DSCN2576Here’s to a fruitful 2015.




Indigo Rose

It seemed as though the famed “Indigo Rose” tomato that I purchased as a grafted tomato a few months back took abnormally long to ripen.  Today they felt slightly soft to the touch so I picked a handful.  These were developed by Oregon State University recently and are supposed to have extra high levels of antioxidants.

They're almost bite-size with a reddish underside.  Very mild and sweet.

They’re almost bite-size with a reddish underside. Very mild and sweet.


A neighbor of mine plants tomato starts in September for a fall harvest, which really struck me.  She said that she has great luck since the California heat keeps going strong through October.  I’m taking a stab at it this year!  One of my Spring/Summer heirloom tomatoes was spent, so I used it’s grow pot for my new tomato plant I grew from seed in early July.


Snack time!

Snack time!

A neighbor across the street just brought home 3 or 4 silkies of different colors and three other neighbors asked me about keeping chickens at our latest block party.  Word’s gotten around that we’ve got our own flock and I’m hoping that my love of our hens will encourage others to consider taking the feathery plunge.

Label GMO’s Success

In March I did a post about a California grassroots movement called Label GMO’s.  The movement’s ultimate goal is to require food companies to label genetically engineered food, which means that it’s DNA has been artificially altered.  Their first mission was to obtain enough signatures to get this initiative on the 2012 ballot.  Wonderfully, the Secretary of State announced last night that the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act qualified to be on the November 6 ballot!  Hooray!  Success!!

If you live in California, please make your voice heard on November 6.  We have the right to know what we are feeding ourselves and our families.