Flowers Galore

Beauty has woken from it’s slumber and the flowers around the backyard are bountiful.

Golden nasturtiums.  They're edible and are beautiful as a garnish on salads.

Golden nasturtiums. They’re edible and are beautiful as a garnish on salads.

Royal Lee Cherry in full bloom.

Royal Lee Cherry blooming away.

Today I tried my hand at being a pinch hitter pollenator.  While there are some bees around the garden, I hadn’t seen much activity on this cherry tree.  Being that this one cross pollenates with Minnie Royal, and that one bloomed later with only 4 blooms so far, I decided to increase my odds of ending up with a real, live cherry in May.  I took the smallest paintbrush I could find and gently brushed the pollen from the flowers of one tree and brushed what I collected onto the stigma (the longest part of the center of the flower) of the other tree, and vice a versa.

Here's what I believe to be the beginnings of a grape cluster!

Here’s what I believe to be the beginnings of a grape cluster!

Lettuce going to seed, yet also very floral-like.

Lettuce going to seed, yet also very floral-like.


Chickens & Cherry Blossoms

DSCN1276Somehow the chickens seem to know when I need a new picture of them doing something endearing because yesterday they were posing like pro’s.  These birds of a feather really do love to flock together.  Last week every one of my white Silkies were broody and our sweet Ameraucana Henrietta didn’t leave the coop, not even for a minute, to venture by her lonesome out in the grass which she loves so much.  Now that they’re back to their pecking, egg laying-gang status, they don’t leave each other’s sides.

DSCN1263The Minnie Royal Cherry tree has begun to bloom!  It’s pollinator sister, Royal Lee, is not quite blooming yet, but I’m hoping they’ll cross blooming schedules at some point to possibly produce some of my first cherries this spring.


Baby peaches have appeared!

Eva’s Pride baby peaches have appeared!

Blueberries are on their way as well.

Sharpblue blueberries are on their way as well.


Poking around the Garden

I was thrilled to see that the bare-root cherry trees (Minnie Royal and Royal Lee) and Gold Kist apricot that I newly planted just a few weeks ago are already forming buds!

ImageThe sugar snap peas are also taking off finally.  Here are some that I planted in a pot about 2 months back.  Just yesterday I planted a row of peas in the ground so that I would have more through spring and early summer.

ImageAs I was poking around I realized that I wasn’t the only one doing some poking this afternoon.


As you can see I was caught by the Silkie on the left before I could capture their four behinds sneaking around behind the vegetable bed.  Too funny!


I love seeing the four of them out and about together (when they’re behaving themselves). The three Silkies just snapped out of a spell of broodiness and Henrietta is much happier having her partners in crime back.