Kauai Love

My family and I recently vacationed on the north shore of Kauai.  It was one of those trips that goes by in a blink and, while you’re there, feels surreal.  I completely fell in love with this part of the earth.

Hideaways Beach in Princeville.

We went to 5 beaches during our stay and Hideaways was my favorite.  It’s an adventure just getting to this place, a steep hike down the side of the cliff, all the while hinting at the spectacular beach at the bottom.

Hens love the beach, too.

Kauai’s north shore is an incredibly lush, garden paradise.  It’s a breath of fresh air to spend time in a place so pristine and virtually untouched…2 lane roads, people living close to the land, no stop signs or traffic lights, nature as untouched by humans as possible while still supporting some human life.

A fascinating aspect of the island is the prolific population of wild chickens.  A few mornings we woke to find a hen and her babies in our yard.  Roosters can be heard crowing in the morning and even at random times throughout the day.  The first chickens to populate Hawaii were jungle fowl, introduced by the first Polynesians.  These later bred with domestic chickens brought by Westerners.  When Hurrican ‘Iwa and ‘Iniki struck in 1982 and 1992 respectively, they obliterated the cages of Kaua’i’s fighting cocks, adding even more chickens into the wild. Interestingly, they have no natural enemies (save for the random hungry human) on the island.  Thus, their numbers have grown and maintained.

Green, majestic mountains can be admired from most beaches around the north shore.  Hanalei Bay.

One afternoon I stumbled on one of the almost daily farmer’s markets.  Fresh, organic foods are a staple in this sleepy community.

One vendor cuts fresh coconuts out of the bed of his truck and just inserts a straw for a refreshing treat.

Hawaiian orchids for sale.

Mangos, papaya and pineapples dominate many stands, but there are also beautiful vegetables.

Kayaking up the Hanalei River.

On a drive on a remote road, we came across this big guy.

A pig roaming around for a snack.  A few moments later a Hawaiian woman came calling for her piggy pet to come home.

A few feet down the road this goat crossed to get in on a hillside snack.

On my last morning on a walk to the beach, I came across this sign and it made me smile.  Here, you can slow down in more ways than one.


7 thoughts on “Kauai Love

  1. Aloha Jessica,

    I love Kauai too! One of my absolute favorite places!
    Thanks for sharing your photos. Your Hanalei Bay photo is beautiful. And I loved the chickens on the beach!


    • Aloha Susan! I have been daydreaming ever since I got back about that magical place. I’m afraid if I go back I’ll never come home!! It’s so nice to hear from someone who loves it there as well. What part of the island do you stay?

      • We stay in Kapaa on the east side of the island. We own a condo there. If you want to see it, it’s on Facebook…Coconut Coast Condo.
        Last time we were on Kauai, I saved some Papaya seeds and brought them home with me. I LOVE Papayas! I’ve got some to sprout and grow a few inches but, my chicken ate them! I’m going to try again soon. I’ve been waiting for it to warm up here in San Diego!

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