Happy Harvest

The girls came right up to the back door the other door to say hello. I think they saw me bring in some tomatoes from the garden and they were saying, "Tomatoes are our favorite! Where's ours?" They are so sweet and really have become our little buddies.

Here we have the last bit of lemon cucumbers, one lonely beet and some tomatoes. Notice my cat's tail poking out under my left hand? She is so docile and nonchalant around the silkies and they don't mind her either!

Lettuce, lettuce! It seems we have salad about every other night these days, which is a wonderful side effect of having your own garden. Sometimes you're forced to eat healthier for the sake of ripe veggies. The sugar snap peas are reaching to the heavens and have started to ripen. Here's a few that made it in the house instead of a garden snack!

I have two bell pepper plants, each of which only produced one large pepper.  Just when I thought they were dunzo, the plants have greened up and are about to flower again.  Not sure if this is normal for a bell (my first time with them, too!) but if I can get a couple more out of them, I would be grateful!  I have a feeling that the few nights of frost in the winter will probably prematurely interrupt their plan, but we’ll give it a shot.

Happy Harvesting!


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