Things Are Heating UP!

Now that Summer is officially here and has brought with her consistently high 70’s daytime temps and low 60’s nighttime temps, my veggies (and I) are thanking her.  The tomatoes are starting to really set fruit, whereas for the past month the flowers were just falling off before swelling into fruit.  The Moon and Stars Watermelon is starting to actually look like a vine instead of a little seedling.  The peaches on the no-name peach tree are nearing full ripeness.  Cucumbers are happily weighing down my trellis.  Baby pumpkins are peeking their little selves out of the vines and all is right with the world.  Or at least in my garden, anyway.

Cherokee Purple Heirloom Tomato on it’s way to ripening.

The Moon and Stars Heirloom watermelon has started to take off in recent days.

Peaches giving a rosy “Hello! Here I am!”

This Cherokee Purple Heirloom tomato is growing in a grow bag! This is my healthiest tomato plant and has set more fruit than any other Cherokee Purples around the garden. GO Grow Bags!

Case in point.

And more from the same grow bag tomato plant.

Lemon Cukes are ready for munching!

And I’ll leave you with a photo of my most recent harvest. Long Live Homegrown!


8 thoughts on “Things Are Heating UP!

    • Hi MaryJo! It’s just garden talk for cucumber. It’s a lemon heirloom variety due to it’s color and shape. It’s really mild and I like to eat them like apples (after I shave off the whiskers!)

  1. I’m oh, so happy that summer has also arrived in my garden! My vine crops have really taken off in just the past two days. I don’t care if I do have to go tie them up every day……..grow, gardens, grow!

  2. Jessica,

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      • I am happy that you are interested. Basically, I will be adding information on our webpage under our “Garden Forum and Garden Gazette” that will link up our customers with local blogs of San Diego gardeners. The goal is to get customers in contact with other gardeners and for gardeners to get in touch with San Diego Seed Company. By building a online community of gardeners, we hope to increase seed awareness and gardening enthusiasm.

        Have you had a moment to check out our website. Please do,

        I am not sure how your blog works, but would you be able to post a link to our site and possibly our logo?

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        Brijette Romstedt

      • As far as I know my blog does not have the capability to post a logo, but I can definitely post a link to your site under my “Seed” category on the right hand site of my blog. Would that do?

      • You will find on our website that I have started “A Growing Community” Section. This is where you and other bloggers would be featured.
        Please let me know if you are interested.

        Brijette Romstedt
        San Diego Seed Co.

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